• PRODUCT:Alphasense p-Type Metal Oxide Sensor for H2S , CO, VOC Gas Sensor

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Alphasense p-Type Metal Oxide Sensor for H2S , CO, VOC Gas Sensor.

p-Type Metal Oxide Sensor for H2S , CO, VOC Gas sensor


Alphasense introduces a new class of metal oxide gas sensors.

Commercially available metal oxide sensors are based on n-type metal oxides: SnO2 or WO3. With low
base resistance, those n-type sensors are simple to manufacture and operate at lower temperatures, but
suffer from three problems:
• baseline drift
• humidity sensitivity
• negative response to gases (potentially an unsafe response)

Developed over many years, our p-type metal oxide gas sensors offer the following benefits:
• stable baseline
• low humidity sensitivity
• positive response to gases (safer response)

Three sensors have been developed for specific markets:
• H2S detection at high temperatures (up to 120°C) for oil and gas applications
• Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for low cost IAQ applications
• CO detection for extreme temperature or humidity enviroments

Each sensor type can be supplied in three housings:
• TO-5 metal can, the most common format
• Plastic 6-pin housing - frequently used with other metal oxide gas sensors
• Ex housing - stainless steel 316 housing with UL, CSA, ATEX and IECEx approvals,
unique for metal oxides, allowing use in hazardous areas without the need for an IS circuit


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