• PRODUCT:Temperature sensor for oil-filled transformers TPT-32

  • MODEL:TPT-32
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Temperature sensor for oil-filled transformers TPT-32
Temperature sensor for oil-filled transformers TPT-32

With more than 3500 fi ber optic temperature sensors used and installed worldwide, FISO’s heavy duty TPT-32 fi ber optic temperature sensor, specifi - cally designed for permanent installation in oil-fi lled transformers, clearly demonstrates FISO’s experience and leading edge in transformer instrumentation for direct winding temperature measurement.

1) Temperature range: -40℃to 225℃ (-40℉ to 437℉)
2) Resolution: 0.1℃
3) Accuracy: ±2℃
4) Available sensor length: 1 to 15 meters
5) Connector type: ST connector
6) Fiber type: 200 μm silica fi ber
7) Sensor dimensions: 1.5 mm O.D. (see fi gure below)
8) Sensor certification: Dielectric and kerosene vapor tests approved

Key features:
1) Withstands temperatures up to 225℃ (437℉)
2) Double PTFE sheathing
3) Proven semiconductor optical absorption principle
4) EMI/RFI immune
5) Resists dielectric oil
6) Resists kerosene vapor
7) High fl exibility and visibility
8) Interchangeable
9) No calibration
10) Custom lengths from 1 to 15 meters

Power transformer temperature monitoring: Core; Windings; Bushings
Load Tap Changer temperature monitoring: Contacts; Oil
High voltage testing; Generators; Transmission lines; High voltage cables; Switchgears

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