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The C20 Analogue module


The C20 Analogue moduleconverts the digital output of GSS C20 sensor to a voltage output.The voltage is proportional to the CO2 concentration.




The analog version of thesensor has a three wire connection:


Pin 1

+ 5v Supply. (4.7 to 5.5V,240mA peak current)

Pin 2

Analogue output

Pin 3



Analogue Output


GSS offers a range of output options. The standard options are shown below, but other options can be supplied on request.

The output voltage will vary linearly withCO2 concentration between Vmin and Vmax (seegraph).






To convert a voltage to a carbon dioxide concentration:

CO2 = Output Voltage * (Full Scale Reading)/ (Vmax-Vmin)

For example, if the output voltage is2.5V, and the full scale reading (ie the range is 5000ppm, and theVmax and Vmin are 4.0V and 0.5V respectively, then the measuredconcentration is:

CO2 = 2.5 * (5000/(4-0.5)) = 3571ppm


The concentration range must be specifiedat the time of ordering and is not field-configurable. Standardranges are:






0-     100%





The sensor can bezeroed by pressing the switch mounted on the analogue module. Theswitch should be pressed for at least 1s. This assumes that the sensor isin a CO2-free environment ( eg Nitrogen).


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