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Tech of sensors Seminar 2013 held by Apollo

  Tech of sensors seminar 2013 was held in FuRong hall, Beijing Great wall Sheraton Hotel during 13:00-17:00 at 28th August, 2013.
 The seminar was held to communicate the leading edge and state of art of the sensors and to improve the technical levels of domestic instruments and sensors industry. Apollo invited relative engineers and businessmen from domestic instruments and sensors industry, about 50 behalves from more than thirty companies joined. Also we invited professional engineers from the famous international sensors suppliers to give the brilliant speeches. The speeches include: New and Future Development of Alphasense sensors, presented by sales director of Alphasense, Arthur; which included Sensors for Exotic Gases, Mixed Metal Oxide Sensors, Sensor Printed Electro-Chemical. Sales supervisor from GSS, Jason Lau, stated the presentation of A Step Change in CO2 Sensor Performance; Technical director of SST, Shannon Patrick, introduced the Novel LuminOx fluorescence optical oxygen sensors, Zirconia sensors and optical liquid level sensors; Maoshan Li from Figaro company talked about the applications and design of semi-conductor sensors. The audience expressed big interest in this seminar and exchanged lots of technical ideas of sensors and applications.
Sales and marketing director of Alphasense
Arthur W. Burnley is speaking ofNew and Future Development of Alphasense sensor

Technical director of SST
Paddy is introducing the Novel LuminOx fluorescence optical oxygen sensors

 Japan figaro company's technical manager Mr Li Maoshan speech
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