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Fiso Technologies Presents The World Smallest Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor

Fiso Technologies Presents The World Smallest Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor

FISO announces the introduction of the FOP-F125 pressure sensor at MD&M West, a major exhibition in the medical market. This new sensor, which has a diameter of 125 microns instead of 550 microns for the current smallest FISO pressure sensor, is a major breakthrough. The MD&M West exhibition, which is attended by key decision-makers in the medical market, will allow FISO to present the product to potential customers, but also to current collaborators. With dimensions smaller than any competitive product, FISO is again establishing the new standard of the industry and clearly positioning itself as the world technology leader.


This sensor, having a diameter more than four times smaller than FISO’s current products, has demonstrated its promising performances through a series of qualifications performed at the end of 2007. The accuracy, the resolution as well as the stability of the fiber optic sensor in liquids demonstrate the potential of this new technological platform. While FISO’s previous pressure sensors were manufactured using MEMS technologies, the new FOP-F125 sensor is directly built within the optical fiber itself, at its tip, using patent pending technologies designed to be mass-produced. In addition to very significant size reduction, this technological platform allows the construction of sensor without the use of any epoxy, adhesive or any other material. This all-glass sensor brings a new perspective in future product developments and offers a number of possibilities not previously available.


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