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Wireless sensor networks in the field measurement

In the field of industrial measurement, often takes a long time, large-scale, multi-channel data measurement system. Field of environmental monitoring in the wild, due to the special circumstances of environmental conditions, often because of the monitoring system, power supply, long-distance wiring the presence of other factors difficult to effectively deploy. The wireless sensor network due to its low power consumption, self-organizing routing, no wiring and other characteristics, especially suitable for field measurements in industry.


This article will be deployed in a coastal city in south China's wireless sensor network case, the system has been modified to meet a small number of industrial measurement needs.


There is a lot of mountainous topography of the city, a large population of urban residents, requiring the utilization of the land must be kept high, so a large number of buildings and roads are located in the mountains nearby. High annual rainfall in the region, especially in the summer rainy season every year, there will be a lot of precipitation. Instability of the mountain landscape on erosion by rain and prone to landslides, life and property safety of residents pose a huge threat.


Too many sets of local authorities try to deploy the monitoring of wired networks to the mountain landslide monitoring and early warning, but often as the monitoring of inaccessible mountain regions, the lack of road, field wiring, power supply so limited, making the cable system deployment very difficult. Also nearby are often used to deploy a wired way Datalogger data collection, monitoring points need someone to download data regularly, not real-time data system, flexibility is poor.


In this regard, experts in multiple geographic monitoring and communication, and carried out several field visits, Crossbow companies to wireless sensor network based landslide monitoring the full range of wireless solutions program .


Monitoring of landslides mainly rely on the role of two sensors: level sensors and angle sensors. Risk-prone in the mountain areas along the mountain to set up multiple vertical holes, shown in Figure 1. The bottom of each hole will be deployed in a Liquid Level Sensor, deployed at different depths of several angle sensors. Since the phenomenon of the landslide area is mainly generated by the water erosion, water table depth is therefore identify landslide risk of the first indicators. The data from the deployment in the bottom of the liquid level sensor hole capture by the wireless network. Communication efficiency. Mote will relay the data from the node to the base station through the Mesh network transmission. When a failure Mote, Mote and other related options will automatically re-routing. Troubleshooting in the Mote, it will re-join the Mesh network to continue working.


Stargate base station by a gateway and a Mote composition. Stargate gateway contains IntelPXA255 main processor , IntelSA1111 co-processor, 64MBRAM, 32MBFLASH and 51-pin connector, PCMCIA Interface, CF interface.


In this project, Stargate 51-pin interface connector through an IRIS node from the set of protocols for relying Xmesh subnet data; by an external GPRS PCMCIA cards, relying on GPRS network for long-distance communication.


Base their processing power used for data preprocessing, CF card interface, external 512MBFLASH at least 7 days to save the data locally. Kind shown in Figure 5 the base station.

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