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GE to provide easy to understand the new TelaireCO2 ventilation sensor status display

Taunton UK on December 15 -2009 - GE Sensing & new T8012Telaire ? AirestatTM is a low-cost design for the ventilationcontrol, wall mounted CO2 sensors, which provides users with easyto understand ventilation status display . When people are in theclassroom, gymnasium, offices and theaters and other enclosedspace, through which can be very simple to get good air quality,and do not need to understand the complexity of the display. TheCO2 sensors pass through the relay output to control the fan, andit is the market's first 230 Vac power supply can be connecteddirectly to the wall-mounted CO2 sensors, no transformerconversion.

  This new sensor the essence of the program is that it's visuallevel indicator (VLI). This is a row of LED lights, based onpre-set limits to indicate CO2 concentrations rise and fall. CO2concentration is an indicator of air quality, but also can measurethe confined space is inadequate ventilation or aeration. visual level indicator with a row of blue, green, yellow and redLED lights.?Airestat  Red light indicates inadequateventilation unit / or poor air quality. , Green, and yellowindicates an ideal state, blue light indicates that excessiveventilation, heating or cooling energy too much. If the room is asingle heating, we open the windows to cool down, you can ignorethe blue lights.

  Pre-calibrated AirestatTM meet RoHS-and WEEE, CO2 measurementrange of 0-2000ppm. Output relay control switching points can beadjusted during installation to meet the needs of users. T8012 inits operating life of 15 years without maintenance, because of itspatented ABC Logic for the sensor provides self-calibration.

   GE, as described in the European market expert Neil Roberts:"The new AirestatTM indicator switch, easy to install, providing awide range of simple, efficient, complete and reliable instrumentto optimize the efficiency of heating and cooling. In addition, itcan ensure the quality of air quality and appropriate ventilation,and has been shown to keep the classroom, the office comfortable,healthy and efficient working and learning environment. "

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