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The“2009 sensing technology conference” was held successfully

“2009 sensing technology conference” was held on October 22,2009 in Shanghai.

More than 100 domestic experts, scholars and managers inmeasurement instrumentation were invited to this conference to takepart in the discussion of new products and new technologies.

The experts from international sensor leading companiesincluding Alphasense, GSS, Figaro and Humirel etc gave thespeeches.

We believed that this provided our domestic customers with avery good chance to improve their technologies on products and tounderstand sensors more. We hoped this could improve the domesticlevel on measurement instrumentation and sensing field.

Desmond Gibson was having a speech about the infrared CO2sensor

Alphasense’s Technical Director John Saffell was having a speech on the characteristics and applications of gas sensor, the trend and the new technology of the sensing field

FIGARO’s engineer LIMAOSHAN was having a speech on the characteristics and applications about the Figaro Gas sensors

Seminar on-site: full house guests.

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