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CO sensor TGS5141

ProductName: CO sensor TGS5141
ProductModel: TGS5141
ProductManufacturer: Figaro
CO sensor TGS5141 Main Specifications: 1)Typical detection range: 0-5000ppm 2)Output:1.2-3.2nA/ppm 3)Response time:〈 60s 4)Operating temperature:-10℃ ~ +50℃ (continuous) -20℃ ~+60℃(intermittent) 5)Operating humidity:10 - 95%RH (no condensation)

CO sensor TGS5141  detail

Descriptions of TGS5141

一、CO sensor TGS5141 Main Specifications

1Typical detection range 0-5000ppm


3Response time:〈 60s

4Operating temperature-10 ~ +50 (continuous)    -20 ~+60℃(intermittent

5Operating humidity10 - 95%RH no condensation


二、CO sensor TGS5141 Main Features

1Ultra compact

2Battery operable

3High repeatability/selectivity to CO

4Linear relationship between CO gas concentration and sensor output

5Simple calibration

6Long life

7UL recognized component

8Meets UL2034, EN50291, and EN54-31 requirements


三、CO sensor TGS5141 Typical Applications:

Carbon monoxide alarmbattery operable

Residential and commercial CO detector

Industrial CO monitor

Ventilation control of parking garage

Portable CO concentration meter

Fire detection

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