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SOH-A2 Sulfur Dioxide Hydrogen Sulfide

ProductName: SOH-A2 Sulfur Dioxide Hydrogen Sulfide
ProductModel: SOH-A2
ProductManufacturer: Alphasense
SOH-A2 Sulfur Dioxide Hydrogen Sulfide,Specification Sulfur Dioxide Channel Sensitivity: 160~250nA/ppm in 10ppm SO2 , Response time: t90 < 15 (s) from zero to 10ppm SO2

SOH-A2 Sulfur Dioxide Hydrogen Sulfide  detail

Name: SOH-A2 Sulfur Dioxide  Hydrogen Sulfide
Pattern: SOH-A2
Brand: Alphasense

Categories: Electrochemical Gas sensors

Information:SOH-A2 Sulfur Dioxide  Hydrogen Sulfide
Specification Sulfur Dioxide Channel
(1)   Sensitivity:  160~250nA/ppm in 10ppm SO2 
(2)   Response time: t90 < 15 (s) from zero to 10ppm SO2
(3)   Zero current: < 0.1ppm equivalent in zero air  
(4)   Resolution: < 0.05 rms noise (ppm equivalent) 
(5)   Range: 0~20ppm
(6)   Overgas limit: 50ppm

Specification Hydrogen Sulfide Channel
(1)   Sensitivity:  450~900nA/ppm in 20ppm H2S 
(2)   Response time:  t90  < 25(s) from zero to 20ppm H2S @ 20℃
(3)   Zero current:  0~ -0.2ppm equivalent in zero air 
(4)   Resolution: < 0.1 rms noise (ppm equivalent)
(5)   Range: 0~200ppm
(6)   Overgas limit: 500ppm

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