• PRODUCT:FOT-M Temperature Sensor

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FOT-M Temperature Sensor
FOT-M Temperature Sensor
Description of fiber optic temperature sensor FOT-M:
The FOT-M is a fi ber optic temperature sensor specifi cally designed for medical applications. The FOT-M temperature sensor combines all the desired characteristics you would expect from the ideal sensor. Its compact size, immunity to microwave and RF, resistance to corrosion, high accuracy and reliability make it the best choice for temperature measurements in harsh environments.
Specifications of fiber optic temperature sensor FOT-M:
0.1°C with FTI-10 Signal Conditioner
0.01°C with TMI-HR Signal Conditioner
±0.2°C with FTI-10 Signal Conditioner on 20–85°C temperature range
±0.3°C1 with TMI-HR Signal Conditioner on 25–45°C temperature range
±0.1°C with one point on-site calibration with TMI-HR Signal Conditioner on 36–41°C temperature range
Response time:  Less than 750 ms
Connector type:
ST with FTI-10 Signal Conditioner
SC with TMI-HR Signal Conditioner
Key features of fiber optic temperature sensor FOT-M:
Intrinsically safe; Immune to EMI/RFI; Up to 85°C (180°F); Accuracy of ±0.3°C
Miniature and rugged sensor; Fast response timeFISO Technologies Inc. 500 St-Jean-Baptiste Ave., suite
Applications of fiber optic temperature sensor FOT-M:
1)        MRI environment
2)        Medical applications
3)        Industrial environments
4)        Immune to microwaves and RF
5)        Harsh and hazardous environments

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