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O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface

ProductName: O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface
ProductModel: O2I-Flex
ProductManufacturer: other brand
O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface

O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface  detail

O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface
Features of O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface:
1)        Provides the electronics necessary to power and control SST’s range of dynamic oxygen sensors
2)        High accuracy linear output
3)        Selectable measurement ranges: 0-25% or 0-100% O2
4)        Multiple outputs: 4-20mA, 0-10VDC and RS232 comms interface
5)        Can be calibrated in normal air (20.7% O2) or in any other known O2 concentration
6)        Power and Sensor Operating LEDs
7)        Removable polarised screw terminals for easy wiring
Characteristics of O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface:
Operating Temperature-10 to 60°C
Measuring ranges (oxygen partial pressure)1-1000mbar
Applications of O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface:
1)        Combustion control including oil, gas and biomass boiler applications
2)        Composting; Medical; Oxygen generation systems; Food and beverage packaging
3)        Laboratory & building air quality monitoring including confined space personnel safety
4)        Industrial process control i.e. gas mixing for welding and steel making
5)        Scientific including respiratory studies of a community or an organism, plants and animals for example
6)        Applications where low oxygen is key including fermentation, rust and corrosion prevention, inerting and purging
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