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NO-A4 Nitric Oxide Sensor

ProductName: NO-A4 Nitric Oxide Sensor
ProductModel: NO-A4
ProductManufacturer: Alphasense
NO-A4 Nitric Oxide Sensor,Range(ppm): 0~20 Sensitivity: 250~425 nA/ppm in 2ppm NO

NO-A4 Nitric Oxide Sensor  detail

Name: NO-A4 Nitric Oxide Sensor
Pattern:  NO-A4 
Brand: Alphasense

Categories: Electrochemical Gas sensors

Information:NO-A4 Nitric Oxide Sensor
(1)   Range(ppm): 0~20
(2)   Sensitivity: 350~550 nA/ppm in 2ppm NO
(3)   Response time: t90 <25(s) from zero to 2ppm NO
(4)   Zero current: 10~80nA in zero air at 20°C
(5)   Operating life: > 2years 
(6)   Size(mm): Φ20.0×16.5(mm) 
(7)   Linearity:  linear at zero and 5ppm NO; < ± 1ppb error at full scale
(8)   Overgas limit: 50ppm
(9)   Pressure range: 80~120kPa
(10) Weight: < 6g 
(11) Temperature range: -30~50℃ 
(12) Humidity range: 15~85%RH 
(13) Load resistor: 33~100 Ω
(14) Bias voltage: +200mV(working electrode potential is above reference electrode)

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