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AIGaAs Infrared Emitting Diode SE3470/5470

ProductName: AIGaAs Infrared Emitting Diode SE3470/5470
ProductModel: SE3470/5470
ProductManufacturer: Honeywell
AIGaAs Infrared Emitting Diode SE3470/5470

AIGaAs Infrared Emitting Diode SE3470/5470  detail

AIGaAs Infrared Emitting Diode SE3470/5470

The SE3470/5470 series consists of aluminum gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode mounted in a TO-46 metal can package. The SE3470 series has flat wimdow cans providing a wode beam angle, while the SE5470 series has glass lensed cans providing r narrow beam angle. These devices gallium arsenide devices at the same forward current. The TO-46 packages offer high power dissipation capability and are ideally suited for operation in hostile environments

1) TO-46 metal can package
2) Choice of flat window or lennsed package
3) 90° or 20°(nominal) beam angle option
4) 880 nm wavelength
5) Higher output power than GaAs at equivalent drive currents
6) Wide operating temperature range (-55℃ to +125℃)
7) Ideal for high pulsed current applications
8) Mechanically and spectrally matched to SD3421/5421 photodiode, SD3443 / 5443 / 5491 phototransistor , SD3410/5410 photodarlington and SD5600 series Schmitt trigger
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