• PRODUCT:Pressure Sensor Model 154N Low Pressure

  • MODEL:154N
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Pressure Sensor Model 154N Low Pressure
Pressure Sensor Model 154N Low Pressure

The Model 154N Low Pressure is a 19mm small profile, media compatible, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor packaged in a 316L stainless steel housing. The Model 154N Low Pressure is designed for o-ring mounting and OEM applications requiring compatibility with corrosive media is required. The sensing package utilizes silicone oil to transfer pressure from the 316L stainless steel diaphragm to the sensing element. The Model 154N Low Pressure is designed for high performance, low pressure applications. A ceramic substrate is attached to the package that contains laser-trimmed resistors for temperature compensation and offset correction. An additional laser-trimmed resistor is included which can be used to adjust an external differential amplifier and provide span interchangeability to within ±1%. Please refer to the Model 154N UltraStable™ datasheet for information on products with operating pressures greater than 5psi.

1) 316L SS Pressure Sensor
2) 19mm Diameter Package
3) 0 - 100mV Output
4) Absolute and Gage Low Pressure
5) -20ºC to +70ºC Operating Temperature Range
6) ±0.2% Pressure Non Linearity
7) 1.0% Interchangeable Span (provided by gain set resistor)
8) Solid State Reliability

Medical Instruments, Process Control, Partial Vacuum Gas Measurement, Pressure Transmitters, Tank Level Systems (RV/Industrial), Fresh and Waste Water Measurements


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