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Spot-Welded Strain Sensor SFO-W

ProductName: Spot-Welded Strain Sensor SFO-W
ProductModel: SFO-W
ProductManufacturer: FISO
Spot-Welded Strain Sensor SFO-W

Spot-Welded Strain Sensor SFO-W  detail

Spot-Welded Strain Sensor SFO-W

The SFO-W is a fi ber optic, spot-welded strain sensor designed for civil engineering applications such as the monitoring of dams, bridges, tunnels, and other structures.

Specifi cations
1) Strain range: ±1000 με, ±1500 με, ±2000 με
2) Resolution: 0.01% of full scale
3) Transverse sensitivity: <0.1% of full scale
4) Connector type: ST connector
5) Operating temperature: -55°C to 85°C (-67°F to 185°F)

Key features:
1) Immune to EMI/RFI/lightning
2) Intrinsically safe
3) Static/dynamic response
4) High sensitivity and resolution: 0.01% full scale
5) Signal transmitted over long distances
6) No interference due to fi ber bending
7) Absolute measurements in engineering units
8) Data-acquisition compatible

Steel structures
Dams; Nuclear power plants
Structural members of buildings and bridges
Tunnel supports
Corrosive environments
High EMI/RFI environments

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Spot-Welded Strain Sensor SFO-W

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