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VELOCE 50-100 Signal Conditioner

ProductName: VELOCE 50-100 Signal Conditioner
ProductModel: Veloce-100
ProductManufacturer: FISO
VELOCE 50-100 Signal Conditioner

VELOCE 50-100 Signal Conditioner  detail

VELOCE 50-100 Signal Conditioner

The VELOCE 50 signal conditioner is an upgradeable, multi-channel, fi ber optic signal conditioner, especially designed for applications that require simultaneous reading of a large number of measuring points with fast sampling rates. It is designed to offer the speed and versatility required for the most deman ding applications.

1) Number of channels: 1 to 8
2) Sampling rate : 200 KHz
3) Averaging: 0.005 to 100 ms
4) Precision : 0.3% of full scale
5) Resolution : 0.1% of full scale
6) Dynamic range : 7000 : 1
7) Analog outputs: ±5 V with BNC connector
8) Communication: RS-232
9) Operating temperature: 15°C to 35°C (59°F to 95°F)

1) 1 to 8 simultaneous channels
2) Voltage output
3) 200 kHz sampling rate
4) 19-inch rack chassis
5) Upgradeable number of channels
6) Compatible with most of FISO’s fi ber optic sensors

Multi-points dynamic measurements
Laboratory uses
In-situ process monitoring
Reciprocating engine cylinder pressure
New material research
High voltage and RF fi elds
Civil engineering
Hazardous environments
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