• PRODUCT:Methane and LP Gas sensor

  • MODEL:TGS6810
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Methane and LP Gas sensor;TGS 6810 - for the detection of Methane and LP Gas;
Methane and LP Gas sensor;
TGS 6810 - for the detection of Methane and LP Gas;
Description of TGS6810
The TGS6810 catalytic type gas sensor, which can detect both methane and LP gas, has been developed for residential gas detection. Combining Figaro’s 35+ years of experience in catalyst materials technology with its advanced micro fabrication technology, Figaro can produce the most advanced compact catalytic sensors whose durability, stability, quick response, and linear output make them ideal for detecting many combustible gases.
Features of TGS6810
1)        Linear outputCompact size
2)        Meets RoHS requirements
3)        Small sensitivity to alcohol
4)        Sensitive to both methane and LP gas
5)        Typical detection range 0~100%LEL of each gas
6)        Standard circuit conditionsOperating Voltage 3.0±0.1V AC/DC
Application of TGS6810
* Residential LNG and LPG alarms
* Detectors for LNG and LPG

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