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Apollo Co., Ltd is a high-tech company mainly dedicated to optic fiber communication, Laser Technology, sensing & automatic control, and network technology, with branch offices and services sites around the world. Apollo Electronics (Sensing & Control) Apollo Electronics has been an excellent total sensor solutions supplier, we provide our customers with perfect sensing products and total solutions in many fields . Apollo Electronics serves as the product ... more...
PM2.5 Detector OPC-N2 OPC-N2
Voltage output Infrared Gas Sensor for Carbon Dioxide Prime2 Prime2
High Resolution Methane Infrared Gas Sensor Prime1 Prime1
Ultra Low Power Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensor COZIR- ambient COZIR- ambient
HTU21D Sensor–Miniature Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor HTU21S/HTU21P/HTU21D
Carbon Monoxide CO sensor TGS5042 TGS5042
PID-A PhotoIonisation Detector PID-A
Ultra Low Power Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensor COZIR- wide range COZIR- wide range
O2 Sensor KE-25/50 KE-25/50
FSM-A-002 air quality monitor module FSM-A-002
Thermopile sensor TS118-3 TS118-3
Gas Sensor(Detect air )TGS2600 TGS2600
HCL-A1 Hydrogen Chloride Sensor HCL-A1
Phosphine Sensor PH3-A1 PH3-A1
Flange Mounted Oxygen Sensor Family O2S-FR-T4 O2S-FR-T4
Miniature Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor HTU11 HTU11
Optical Liquid Level Sensors LLC Industrial Series LLC industrial
HIH-4000 Series Humidity Sensor HIH-4000-003
Airflow Sensor AWM43600 AWM43600
miniature solid state LED NDIR CO2 Sensor C20 LED NDIR CO2
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